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In for the long haul

and so, decision made.  I am now a permanent residant in Bulgaria – well, not officially yet as I have avoided the arduous document route.  It will have to be done of course, being the good law-abiding citizen that I am and no doubt I will share for photos of pulling teeth and hair while I go through the process.

Anyway, its all part of the ‘be retired and house sorted as soon as bloody possible’ not just for me (I have been put out to pasture at the age of 41 *smug*) but also for the ‘better half’.

Whilst of course it pains me to be away from his smelly feet, even smellier arse, the snoring and the whiskers encrusted bath I willingly sacrifice the luxury that Den Haag provides (at a very high cost) in order for him to bring himself over (along with his annoying traits) as soon as possible.

For one – it is cheaper for me to be here.  We both enjoy fine belguim beers and rare steaks.  When together our weekends are expensive.  When I am on my own here, my needs are basic.  I am a women in a mainly turkish village – no pub for me every night. Cooking for one? – that will be sandwich then.

Two – I am getting things done on the house.  Yes, of course its all cosmetic in the main.  My beloved has low standards – ‘it has a roof doesn’t it’.  I however, was getting cheesed off with waking up with a nostril full of plaster dust from the ever disintegrating walls, the rotting floorboards… the list is endless.  I have a lot to do.  I will not openly inform you of when the indoor toilet will be installed – that would encourage guests.

Three – integration.  I am no longer the shrinking shrew that I was.  I now have many ‘sisters’ in my village and even a ‘mother’.  (Love giving her a kiss and a squeeze when I see her – I think she likes it too).   I feel very comfortable and safe here.  I think the men are getting used to my ‘outlandish western ways’ too but I remain ever respectful of their traditions.

and so, it looks like you may be hearing a bit more from me when I am bored have learnt new things, had fun, having a bad day and any general news to report.

It won’t be a daily thing – Jez, can’t be bothered with that.


………in pictures.

Writing it up would be tedious for you and for me.

August 2014

The wonderful Andrea Bocelli


and yes, I did cry

The Emotional farewells (I cried some more)

045 Dave may look upset in the picture but really he couldn’t give a stuff about me leaving.  He gets spoilt at his second home.




September 2014

Happy reunion with Dom in Cyprus

(No pictures for this – I was to0 busy cleaning)

Actually – did venture to the beach for the weekend – had to get rid of the grime from the last 4 months.

Annapurna Circuit

The end Suspension Bridges Chilly

Magical.  Hard work but worth every sore limb,  every blister, the freezing conditions, sub-standard  accom, gap year students.






October 2014

I was here…


or Shitland as I call it.

November 2014

This is were Dom ‘is great’ comes in. Netherland bound :) (still lady of leisure)







I can’t believe I gave ‘SinterKlaas’ a wave! – Muppet


December 2014













January 2015

The annual New Years Day Dip – Nutters

Crazy Dutch






February 2015

Tourists for the weekend







March 2015

Looked after these two delights for 9 days – needed a couple of weeks off to rejuvinate

055 051






The other half turned 40 so we had a very pleasant evening of fine dinning (Michelin star I’ll have you know) at

Credit card got a battering but worth it.

April 2015

Celebrating Koningsdag (let me translate that – Kings Day)

Not Us









100_2967[1] 100_2955[1] 100_2960[1]

I can imagine this is a nice place to visit – on a quiet day……








May 2015

See previous post

So there you have it.  A brief synopsis of Annie’s World for the last how ever many months.  Its been fun.

I’m back

in Bulgaria, can you tell…..



Dom is great


14 bloody years together

There you go – I’ve said it.

Why?  because he keeps saying he is.   All will be revealed as to his greatness but at the moment it’s top secret.

To be fair most of the time he is a pain in the arse but just for this moment I will say he is great.


Some of you will have noticed a lack of posts recently.  Its been kinda hectic.  Well,  not really, been scratching my arse a lot but I do have a lot to catch up re: blog

To do list:

My emotional farewell to my newly found friends

My evening with Andre Botchelli

My emotional reunion with Dominic (who is great by the way)

Oh and the fact that in some 7 hours, I board a plane to Katmandu.  We is ofski to trek around the Annapurna Circuit for 3 weeks.

I am off to see this:

All the gear and no idea

All the gear and no idea







Wow, just wow

So I have tempted you with a blog to say that there will be no blog for 3 weeks.

Shall I book you in for a picture slideshow one evening?  I’ll bring the projector.

Take Care





Report Card

‘in the last 3 months, Annie has demonstrated a vast improvement in her carpentry skills’ 

Well I think so anyway.

From my first effort







To today’s effort







Excellent workwomanship! Look at the cross joint on that – hand saw only!

Yeah I know no-one like a bragger.

Time for a nice cold beer.

The ‘Nothing Box’

Stolen from the Mad Naval Engineer 

I love the nothing box. . Why Men And Women Think Differently. This Guy Nails It. Women are much more complicated than men. Men are very simple. And yeu know wh


Obviously, I haven’t just been sitting on my arse doing nothing.  Doing nothing every day would send me nuts, cookoo, insane, mad, crazy.  I wouldn’t say I have been bored either because afterall ‘only stupid people get bored’.  There is always something that needs doing but sometimes its about finding the will to do it.

Admittedly, most things have been put on hold.  The pause button has been pressed.

However, what with the free range lifestyle of the cows in the village, our fence has been pretty much ruined over the last couple of years. If they spy a juicy grass patch, there is little you can do to stop their quest, especially if you have a pathetic excuse for a fence like ours.

We do intend on fortifying the property with a proper wall but finances are tied at the moment so it’s a case of patching for now.

Please note that no measuring tape or electrical appliances have been used in the making (as you can tell).


This is more of a neighbours deterent.  That will stop them using my garden as a direct route to next doors fruits.  They can go the long way round….






Even the tap is now properted from the rump of a cow.







Trial run.  Can’t look at it for to long as it would send my OCD into overdrive.




Proper ‘bob a job’ but should keep the feckers out for a couple of months at least.


Doing a Dominic

CountdownI am on countdown.  In 2 weeks I will be back in very sunny Cyprus.  My countdown maybe a bit premature but I generally can’t be arsed. What’s the point in starting anything new.

There are of course plenty I could be getting on with and some I have to do before I leave; such as fix the fence but preserving the ceiling can wait, so can the tiling, plastering, furniture making.

The spate of hot weather is not helping.  I hate sweating. Even hammering nails makes me sweat so it is best to avoid. Pathetic excuse? – Yes.

The tobacco stringing has come to end, to the joy and relief of the neighbours.  I am a little bit gutted as it leaves me with afternoons free but for them.  They deserve a rest before they start the chore of preserving the veggies ready for winter.

For me its twiddle twiddle twiddle

Where the f&*k did the 4 months go……. Doesn’t time fly ‘when you are having fun’, or is ‘when you get older’

Almost cut-off

100_2612[1]No afternoon nap today.  I was disturbed just as I was settling in.

As I tend to just leave the front door open, I am used to people just walking in.  This guest knocked – unusual.

I was met by a total stranger at the bottom the stairs.  I was of course polite and was informed that I had monies due on the electric.  To be fair to me, I have been waiting for bills to arrive for the last three months.  I was expecting it and very willing to pay.  What I didn’t expect was to be told that I was being fined for not paying.  My other half’s name was on the naughty list.  It was quite a long list of non-payers.

I am ashamed to say that I used the ‘I don’t understand’ speech.  I knew exactly why I was being fined but I tried the ‘poor little me, I didn’t know’ tact.  Bless him, he did try to be harsh but not for long. Maybe it was my sweet smile (and I did have rather a tight top on – don’t get all feminist on me, if it works use it).

Anyway, it’s a fair cop.  I said that I would go to the post office tomorrow and pay up.  Not an option, I had to pay today or I would be cut-off. My excuse of not having a car was remedied by him giving me a lift. Bugger.

I was duly showed how much I owed and a brief conversation between Mr Postman and Mr EVN ensued regarding the fine.  Result = 46lv richer


Handed over the cash and receipt provided as you can see.  Having said my goodbye and thank you to Mr Postman I find that the EVN man had buggered off.

Bastard made me walk back.  I guess that makes us even.

Now I just await the Water Board and the Council Tax representatives






RelaxIt started on Thursday with a day at the pool and an overnight stay in a hotel.  Afternoon beers were had, cheesy chips were had and a general not having to think Bulgarian.  My brain needed a rest and the pool got rid of the grime.

The chilling continues and may it last till monday.

Hope you are having a nice weekend